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Mix 'n' Match Figures

I use the term "Mix 'n' Match" for those figures which turn up unexpectedly in a set to which they often have little or no apparent connection. Sometimes, they seem to just have been added as padding, and may even have already appeared in other sets. On other occasions, though, they are little gems, which are a great addition to the regular sets of the same figures.

I have included the contents of Strelets 001 "The French Army's Camp", which is the ultimate mix 'n' match set and a real treasure trove for diorama builders.


Sets which include mix 'n' match figures:

HäT 8033 British Heavy Dragoons

HYTTY 2001 Napoleonic Polish Infantry 1807-1814 (after the battle)

Italeri 6016 French Imperial General Staff

Italeri 6037Austrian and Russian Allied General Staff

Italeri 6065 British and Prussian Allied General Staff

Odemars PF 14 Staff of Wellington's

Strelets 001 The French Army's Camp

Strelets 002 Russian and Prussian Chiefs of Staff

Strelets 011 Allied Chiefs of Staff (2)

Strelets 013 Napoleon's General Staff

Waterloo 1815 Mounted Line Officers 1813/1815




8033  British Heavy Dragoons
  - includes 3 extra heads with bearskins, which can used to convert 3 of the figures into Scots Greys. The bearskin is without the waterproof oilskin cover worn at Waterloo



2001 Napoleonic Polish Infantry 1807-1814 (after the battle)
 - 12 musicians (standing) in 6 poses
 - 2 cantinières (seated) in 1 pose



6016 French Imperial General Staff
 - 5 Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde in 2 poses (mounted)
6037 Austrian and Russian Allied General Staff
 - 9 Austrian Fusiliers in 4 poses (1 mounted, 3 standing) and 6 Austrian Grenadiers in 2 poses (standing), all of which had already been included in Italeri 6005 "Austrian Grenadiers and Infantry" 
 - 18 Russian Grenadiers in 7 poses (standing), all of which had already been included in Italeri 6006 "Russian Grenadiers - Pavlov Regiment" 
6065 British and Prussian Allied General Staff
 - 6 Scots Greys in 2 poses (mounted), all of which had already been included in Italeri 6001 "Scots Greys"
 - 6 Prussian Cuirassiers in 4 poses (mounted), all of which had already been included in Italeri 6007 "Prussian Cuirassiers"



PF 14 Staff of Wellington's
  - 12 highlanders in 4 poses (standing)



001 The French Army's Camp
 - Dragoon (standing) with horse being shod
 - Infantry drummer (standing), carrying the drum on his back
 - Infantryman foraging, with pig under his arm
 - Infantryman foraging, with scythe
 - Infantryman foraging, carrying hay
 - Soldier playing cards (standing)
 - Infantryman playing cards (sitting)
 - 2 soldiers lying relaxing (in 2 poses)
 - Soldier sitting relaxing
 - Infantryman sitting smoking
 - Soldier standing relaxing
 - Soldier sitting relaxing on a log
 - Soldier standing with tankard
 - Infantryman standing leaning on a musket
 - Soldier playing guitar (standing)
 - Soldier and cantinière sitting together
 - Cantinière (standing) dispensing drinks
 - Infantryman stretcher-bearer
 - Man (possibly a medical assistant) stretcher bearer
 - Wounded soldier (sitting)
 - Wounded soldier (lying on a stretcher)
 - Dead man (lying on a stretcher)
 - Man lying on operating table
 - Surgeon (standing) with saw
 - Medical assistant (standing)
 - Blacksmith (standing) with hammer
 - Blacksmith's assistant (standing) operating bellows
 - Blacksmith's assistant (standing) with tongs
 - Farrier fitting horseshoe
002Russian and Prussian Chiefs of Staff
 - Russian infantry officer in field uniform (standing)
 - 2 Russian infantry officers (standing)
 - Russian infantry standard-bearer (standing)
 - Wounded Russian Cossack (half lying) with a despatch
 - 4 Prussian infantry officers (standing)
 - Prussian infantry officer in litewka (standing)
 - Prussian infantry trumpeter (standing)
011Allied Chiefs of Staff (2)
 - 3 Austrian infantry officers (standing, 3 poses)
 - Austrian infantry flag-bearer (standing)
 - British infantry colonel (standing)
 - British infantry lieutenant (standing)
 - British infantry officer (standing)
 - Highland infantry officer (standing)
 - Officer of Royal Horse Artillery or Light Dragoons (standing)
 - British Infantry standard-bearer (standing)
 - Life Guards trumpeter (standing)


013 Napoleon's General Staff
 - Infantry colonel (standing)
 - 7 musicians (standing)
 - 2 servants (one standing, one bending down to a chest)
 - Soldier or orderly (standing) carrying a wash bowl and towel
 - Infantry colour party - porte aigle, 2nd and 3rd portes aigle - (standing)
 - Wounded soldier lying down


Waterloo 1815

028Mounted Line Officers
 - British infantry officer (1 pose)
 - Highland infantry officer (1 pose)
 - Netherlands infantry officer (1 pose)
 - French infantry officer (2 poses)
 - French Imperial Guard infantry officer (1 pose)
 - Nassau Jäger officer (1 poses)