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As with most people, I enjoy looking at pictures of other people's work. Here are some which have been sent in, as well as some of my own work.

There is also a separate page dedicated to conversions carried out by Dale Thomas.


This and the following photos were taken by some friends, when they visited the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig.

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is 91 metres high and was completed in 1913, in time for the centenary.

A museum "Forum 1813" is housed in the base of the monument. Among the exhibits is a fifteen square metre 1/72 scale diorama of the fighting around Probstheida on 18 October 1813.

Another view of the diorama. The figures used are very likely metal rather than plastic.

Another diorama in the Forum 1813 museum, probably depicting a scene during the retreat from Moscow, using flat tin figures.

A view along my display table. Painted and based figures are in the foreground, figures that are painted but not yet based are in the midground and unpainted figures are in the background.

Another view along my display table, this time from a higher vantage point.

A view across my display table, looking from the "North".

A view across my display table, looking from the "South".


Another YKREOL set, this time YKRIP52 Dead French Grenadiers, painted by myself



This is not a finished work, but I included it as a reminder to myself not to take on too much at a time, no matter how tempting the figures are (in this case Hät 8146 1805 French Line Infantry in Greatcoats, as well as the Russians from Strelets 002 Russian and Prussian Chiefs of Staff).



YKREOL YKRIP39 Vignette from Waterloo (Set 1), painted by myself


Italeri 6006 Russian Grenadiers Pavlov Regiment (figures painted and mounted by Ian Nixon)


Airfix 1736 Waterloo French Cavalry Cuirassiers (figures painted and mounted by Ian Nixon)


Airfix 1745 Waterloo British Infantry (figures painted and mounted by Ian Nixon)


Revell 2581 British Rifles (figures painted and mounted by Ian Nixon)