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Figures and Photos by Martyn Goss


The photos on this page were all sent in by Martyn Goss.


"To the sound of the drums"

"Cantering to glory"

"En avant"

"End of the day"

"Brunswick Battery"


"Touch and go"

"Prepare to hold the line"

"Stand firm!"

"Belgians at Quatre Bras"

"Brunswick Commander"

"7th Belgian Infantry"

"Brunswick Limber"


"Nassau Gunners"

"In the thick of it"

"Russian gun"

"Greys v Guns"

"British Battery"

"Prussian cannon"

"RHA in action"

"Infanterie legere"

"Holding the line"


"Charging Carabiniers"

"Formez vos Bataillons"

"Voltigeur reloading"


"French Columns"

"Smoke attack"

"On the March"

"Square attacks"


"Snow sentry"

"Larrey ambulance"

"Defense du cannon"

"Captive Deserters"

"Die Flucht"

"Prussians after Ligny"

"Observing the rout"


"Nighttime Column"

"Night Flight to Wavre"

"En Avant!"


"Pipe sharing"

"Avant Garde"

"Gun replacement"

"95th Rifles"



"Defensive line"

"Gendarme d'Elite"

"Planning the Attack"

"Snow Meeting"

"Square silhouette"

"Lancers at Quatre Bras"

"Prussian Cavalry"

"Scots Grey"

"Injured gunner"

"Curious Reflections"

"Dutch Battery"

"Are we lost?"

"Allied Cavalry in smoke at Quatre Bras"

"Farm gate"

"Charge the Square"

"Russian Trumpeter"


"Charging Cuirassier"

"Assault of the Scots Greys"