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Upcoming Events

This page lists exhibitions, conventions or other events, which may be of interest to visitors to this site.



This fair takes place twice a year in Herne, which is in Northwest Germany. It is mostly aimed at
collectors of the larger scale Timpo, Elastolin and similar type figures, however some 1/72 scale
Napoleonic sets are usually also on offer.
The next date is 6th December 2020, from 11:00 to 16:00.
The fair will take place at:
Kulturzentrum Herne
Willi-Pohlmann Platz 1
44623 Herne

This annual wargaming and small-scale miniatures event takes place in June each year.

The next date was planned to be 7th June 2020, but has unfortunately now been cancelled.

The event takes place at:
Dennenweg 106
6823 MS Arnhem
The Netherlands
Miniatura - Figure and Model Fair - CANCELLED -
This new fair was planned to take place on 26th and 27th September 2020, but has unfortunately now
been cancelled.

The event was to take place at:
Weidweg 4
68623 Lampertheim