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1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures

This website is intended as a resource for people interested in 1/72 scale plastic figures representing the armies which took part in the Napoleonic Wars. It includes information which I was unable to find anywhere else on the Internet, and which may be of interest to collectors, wargamers or diorama builders.

This site deliberately does not include many photos of figures; since there are already a number of sites in existence, which have excellent photos of all the figures mentioned, I am instead dedicating my time to compiling information about how those figures can be used. It is therefore recommended that while viewing this site, you have another internet browser session open, which can be used to view the actual figures on one of the review sites. 


Latest Updates to this site

09.07.19  Planned Sets:
On the side panels of some of the newly released sets, Strelets have listed a number of future sets which weren't previously announced: Set 200 Highlanders Standing Order Arms, Set 201 British Infantry Standing Order Arms, Set 209 Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress on the March, Set 211 Prussian Line Infantry Standing Order Arms, Set 212 Russian Infantry on the March, Set 214 Russian Infantry in Overcoats on the March, Set 217 Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms and Set 219 Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms.

It's also now clarified that the previously announced planned set 223 "French Line Infantry in Overcoats at Ease" is indeed the newly released set 225 "French Line Infantry at Ease in Winter Dress (Flanking Companies)". Strelets have reassigned set number 223 to another theme.
03.07.19  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added Strelets sets 173 French Line Infantry on the March 1 (Flanking Companies), 180 Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms, 181 Old Guard on the March, and 225 French Line Infantry at Ease in Winter Dress (Flanking Companies), which Strelets have announced on their forum as released. Removed these sets from the Planned Sets page.

It's worth noting that the photo on the Strelets website of the figures for Set 225 is the same one as shown for the figures in Strelets' planned set
223 French Line Infantry in Overcoats at Ease
, so it's not clear at the moment whether these are actually the figures included in set 225.
01.07.19  Planned Sets:
On their forum, Strelets have posted photos of three master figures, which look to belong to the already announced Strelets Russian Grenadiers in Summer Dress Standing at Attention, as well as a further four master figures, which will likely belong to an as yet unannounced set of Strelets Russian Grenadiers in Summer Dress on the March.
11.06.19  HäT have published some pictures on their website, which they claim will be limited edition box art for some upcoming set re-releases. Let's hope that they follow through with the idea, because the box art really would be unique in the hobby.
The box art is linked below (these links lead directly to the HäT website):
HäT 8197 Napoleonic Prussian Hussars
HäT 8300 Napoleonic Spanish Light Infantry
HäT 8301 Napoleonic Spanish Grenadiers
HäT 8302 Napoleonic Spanish Line Infantry

The same applies to the HäT 8330 Napoleonic Spanish Infantry Sampler set, which strictly speaking is not a re-release, though it will contain single sprues from sets which have previously been released.
26.05.19  Planned Sets:
On their forum, Strelets have posted photos of two master figures, which look to be a Russian general and a Brunswick Infantry pioneer, both standing at ease. Until they are further identified, I have linked the photos of these master figures under the Strelets Unnamed Sets / Unidentified Figures heading.
25.05.19  Planned Sets:
Strelets have "announced" (by the unusual means of referring visitors to their forum to check out the list of future releases on the Hannants website) a couple of new planned sets: Strelets 225 French Line Infantry at Ease Winter Dress (Flanking Companies) and Strelets 180 Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
. According to the side panel of another Strelets set, Strelets 180 was to be French Line Infantry in Attack, so the set number of that set is now unknown.
Also included in Hannants' list is a set which was already announced, but which now has had the title updated:
Strelets 173 French Line Infantry on the March 1 (Flanking Companies).
19.05.19  Book Reviews:
Added a review of Walking Waterloo - A Guide.
03.05.19  Planned Sets:
HäT have started polling readers on their forum about designs for Austrian Infantry in Hungarian uniform. The set numbers are now known, but the exact title of the sets hasn't yet been revealed. The assigned set numbers are HäT 8334 Napoleonic (Hungarian-) Austrians Marching and HäT 8335 Napoleonic (Hungarian-) Austrians Action.
01.05.19  Upcoming Events:
Although not really an event in the usual sense of the word, Pen and Sword have announced that on 5th May, to mark the anniversary of Napoleon's death, they will give away four eBooks.
29.04.19  Book Reviews:
Added a review of The Flintlock Musket - Brown Bess and Charleville 1715-1865.