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1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures

This website is intended as a resource for people interested in 1/72 scale plastic figures representing the armies which took part in the Napoleonic Wars. It includes information which I was unable to find anywhere else on the Internet, and which may be of interest to collectors, wargamers or diorama builders.

This site deliberately does not include many photos of figures; since there are already a number of sites in existence, which have excellent photos of all the figures mentioned, I am instead dedicating my time to compiling information about how those figures can be used. It is therefore recommended that while viewing this site, you have another internet browser session open, which can be used to view the actual figures on one of the review sites. 


Latest Updates to this site

22.02.18  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added HäT sets 8309 Prussian Landwehr Marching and 8310 Prussian Landwehr Action, which have started appearing in retailers.
Removed these sets from the Planned Sets page.
18.02.18  Planned Sets:
Red Box have now confirmed that they intend to release four Napoleonic sets towards the end of the year. The sets will all be Russian infantry for the period 1804 to 1807: RB72129 Russian Guard Infantry (Napoleonic Wars 1804-1807 Years) as well as sets of Grenadiers, Musketeers and Jägers for the same period.
16.02.18  Planned Sets:
Strelets have now posted photos of the complete set of master figures, as well as the set number, for set 174 Prussian Infantry on the March.
13.01.18  Planned Sets:
Strelets have posted another photo of a master figure for set 169 Landwehr Standing at Ease.
HäT have started a crowdfunding campaign for sets
of Napoleonic British Light Dragoons and Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons.
05.01.18  Planned Sets:
Strelets have posted a photo on their website, which might be one of the masters for their Bashi-Bazouks set.
04.01.18  Planned Sets:
Strelets have posted photos on their website of the full set of master figures for their planned set 171 Old Guard at Attention, confirming that the figure which likely represents Napoleon is indeed part of this set. They have also hinted in their forum that a set of Bashi-Bazouks will follow later this year.
30.12.17  Planned Sets:
Strelets have posted another couple of photos of new master figures on their forum. One of the photos shows a figure which is probably from set 168 Landwehr on the March. The other photo is more difficult to place. It might even represent Napoleon himself, and if so could be from a number of sets which Strelets already have planned, for instance set 171 Old Guard at Attention.
23.12.17  Planned Sets:
Strelets have posted a couple of photos of new master figures on their forum. One of the photos shows two figures which are possibly French Line Infantry in Greatcoats at Attention, while the other photo likely shows a figure from set 170 Old Guard Standing at Ease, which is listed on the side panel of the "Highlanders Standing at Ease" set.
17.12.17  Planned Sets:
The side panel of Strelets' newly-released "Highlanders Standing at Ease" set lists a number of upcoming sets, thereby providing the set numbers and titles of a couple of sets which were already known to be in the pipeline: 169 Landwehr Standing at Ease and 171 Old Guard at Attention. In addition, two sets are listed, for which no photos of master figures have appeared yet: 168 Landwehr on the March and 170 Old Guard Standing at Ease.
15.12.17  Planned Sets:
A photo of two new Strelets master figures, likely Prussian Infantry from the period 1810 onwards, has been posted on the Strelets forum. No set number has been made known yet. Judging by the poses, the set will probaby be called Prussian Infantry on the March.