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1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures

This website is intended as a resource for people interested in 1/72 scale plastic figures representing the armies which took part in the Napoleonic Wars. It includes information which I was unable to find anywhere else on the Internet, and which may be of interest to collectors, wargamers or diorama builders.
This site deliberately does not include many photos of figures; since there are already a number of sites in existence, which have excellent photos of all the figures mentioned, I am instead dedicating my time to compiling information about how those figures can be used. It is therefore recommended that while viewing this site, you have another internet browser session open, which can be used to view the actual figures on one of the review sites.  

Latest Updates to this site

11.10.16  Planned Sets:
Added Strelets 141 British Infantry on the March.
04.10.16  Planned Sets:
Added Strelets 142 Polish Infantry on the March.
22.09.16  Planned Sets:
Added Strelets 140 Highlanders on the March.
20.08.16  Planned Sets:
Added a number of planned Waterloo 1815 sets, which are helpfully listed on the back of set AP061 1815 French Line Infantry Fusiliers Marching: AP056 French Line Infantry 1815, AP058 Prussian Army & High Staff 1813-15 and AP062 French Line Voltigeurs at Waterloo. The box also lists AP101 Wellington's High Staff at Waterloo as a plastic resin set. This set is already available in metal.
19.08.16  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added Waterloo 1815 set AP061 1815 French Line Infantry Fusiliers Marching, which has started appearing in retailers.
23.06.16  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added Sergent Arny resin set SP 06 Westphalian Infantry (grenadiers in bearskins).
02.06.16  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added several Sergent Arny sets of resin figures: SP 01 Drum Major, SP 02 Drummer in bonnet de police, SP 03 Officer in greatcoat and bicorn, SP 04 Gendarmes in greatcoats and SP 05 Westphalian Infantry (grenadiers in greatcoats).
27.05.16  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Made two corrections to the listing for Waterloo 1815's set Belgian Carabiniers 1815 Additional Troops, which is designated AP100BIS, not AP100ADD and contains 4 mounted figures, not 3 as I had originally listed.
24.05.16  Book Reviews:
Added two reviews:
Napoleon's Shield and Guardian - The Unconquerable General Daumesnil
and Napoleonic Light Cavalry Tactics (Osprey Elite 196).
18.02.16  Sets Listed by Manufacturer:
Added Legio Collection / Lancier Bleu sets LC-LB009 Retreat from Moscow - French Infantry on the March, LCLB-010 Retreat from Moscow - French Infantry in Combat 1 and LCLB-011 Retreat from Moscow - French Infantry in Combat 2. These sets were previously released in metal, but are now being re-released in resin. I have also seen all three of these sets combined listed on a website as Sergent Arny Set 7202 Retreat from Moscow. This set seems to have replaced the set previously announced as set 7202, 2nd Battalion KGL - "Defence of La Haye Sainte - Waterloo".
That set remains listed on the Planned Sets page, in the hope that it will see the light of day under a different set number.